• Co-Op Flyer, Goodie bag/Vehicle Trash Bag for Lyft and Uber Riders

    Offer Valid: 06/01/2021 - 12/31/2021
    Goodie Bag/Vehicle Trash Bag

    Hello Chamber Members, 

    We know that Lyft and Uber is going crazy here in St. Louis, what a better way to advertise your business than below. I do Lyft and Uber, My intentions is to see who wants to buy an ad space on a flyer, purchase an item to place in an automotive trash bag, or a small bag, place a coupon on the flyer or in the bag.

    The Auto Trash bag use to be a real big handout at car washes, automotive service centers/shops years ago. I do not know why or what happened but all of sudden .......like that they stopped handing them out. So I will toss this out to you the chamber members that have a business. I operate on the STL side and we know that the population of the STL metro area is well over 3 million. Last year just Saturday alone working 12 hours I transported 400+ riders between the 2 companies. That is 400+ potential new customers that you are missing out on! I will hand out to the riders when I drop them off at home. 

    If you have a restaurant and what to show case the business, a boutique and want to showcase it to visitors as well I pick them up at the Airport and drop them off at their hotels. These are also potential customers that you are missing out on. They are in town to visit, to attend a convention/trade show, they will visit your shop in person or via the internet. Do not miss out on these potential Customers. 

    As we know its a new year and what a better way than to offer a discount or special by buying add space on a flyer that will be handed out to Lyft and Uber Riders. Or you can purchase the trash bag with your name on the bag in front of the potential customers, or purchase the item to place in the vehicle trash bags and we know that everyone in every vehicle needs a trash bag! You will get a great price on your items that you buy as well as your option to be placed on the flyer.. You can do both. Being in the Promotional Marketing Business, I know the movers and shakers in the industry, and those who I get great prices from. 

    Anyone wanting to be placed on the flyer and or buy something to place in the vehicle trash bag or the small bag containing the promotional products, please contact me. Items that potential customers will use are household items, from pot holder, peel -n-stick calendars, calendars, magnets, bag clips, recycled shopping bag, bottle opener, coaster, tumblers, smash flashlight and much more. If you are interested please contact me. 

    Send inquiries to: 
    info.bsghospitality@gmail.com in the subject line put Vehicle Trash Bag/Small Goodie Bag Promotion

    Business Service Group, 
    Phone/Text: 636.448.7078
    Website: https://yourpromocompanystore.dcpromosite.com

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