• Play Street Museum Celebrates Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting

    Play Street Museum Celebrates Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting

    Owners Kellie Geraghty and Nicole Simon celebrated the grand opening of their new business – Play Street Museum, with a ribbon cutting on Friday, March 22, 2019. 
    Joining Kellie and Nicole were City of St. Charles Mayor Sally Faith along with City staff and members of the city council, Play Street Museum staff, family members, board members and ambassadors with the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce.
    Play Street Museum is located at 1650 Beale Street, Suite 138 in the Streets of St. Charles (next to Mission Taco).  This unique museum, geared toward kids ages one through eight, features exhibits and activities that build educational curriculum into everyday play and cultivate a child’s growing confidence and autonomy.
    “Because Play Street is a small-scale museum, it makes it easier for young children to explore on their own, giving them a greater sense of independence,” explained Simon. “Kids are able to figure out things on their own instead of having their parents hover around them all the time.”
    When stepping into Play Street Museum, kids step into a child-sized neighborhood where they can explore a firehouse, grocery store, and pet shop and animal rescue. They’re also free to try their hand at arts and crafts activities, construction blocks and a giant Lite-Brite attraction. Plus, the museum’s ever-changing Discovery Room highlights a rotating range of educational topics, taking kids to outer space one month and back in time to the Mesozoic Era the next.
    For more information on Play Street Museum, their hours of operation and party information, please call 520-977-2536 or visit their website at www.psmstlouis.com.

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