• Members Can Now Select What To Subscribe To

    Members Can Now Select What To Subscribe To

    We all receive a lot of e-mails – some we want and some we don’t want. Over the past few years, the Chamber staff has tried to figure out a way to allow members to receive the Chamber news and information they wish to receive.  We have finally come up with a way.
    We have created several mailing lists based on the information we currently send out.  You will not receive any more e-mails than you currently do, but now you can choose to unsubscribe from those that don’t interest you.
    There are two ways to update which Committees / Interests e-mail lists you subscribe to.
    Log into the member information center by going to http://www.GSTCCC.com.  At the top righthand side of the page, click on “Member Login”. Once logged in, on the left, click on Personal > Groups / Interests.  Once here you will see a list of the optional Committees and Mailing lists you can subscribe to.  Just uncheck the ones you wish to unsubscribe from then click “Save Changes” at the bottom to update.
    Scroll to the bottom of one of our event invitations (usually sent for committees, Biz Brews, Morning Brews, Lunch With Leaders, etc.) and click on “”Click here”.  Select “Update my preferences” and a list of Groups / Interests will appear.  Uncheck any Committees or Mailing Lists you wish to be removed from then click “Submit” at the bottom to save the changes.
    Thank you for your continued participation and support of the Chamber.  We are excited to be able to bring you these options.

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