• Advanced Bone & Joint News Release: 8/9/2018

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    August 09, 2018

    Don't Waste Time & Money Somewhere Else

    Advanced Bone & Joint now offers QUICK CARE from 8-8 Monday through Friday at our St. Peters location (112 Piper Hill Drive), and 8-4 Monday through Friday at our O'Fallon location (4701 Highway K).  Life happens.  For more information, please visit abjdocs.com.

    Whether it is a broken bone, a sports injury, or any other orthopedic emergency, you need care immediately. Many times it may be difficult to obtain urgent orthopedic treatment. That's why we now have advanced QUICK CARE — a completely new way to receive the orthopedic care you need, when you need it.

    Our QUICK CARE services focus on treating acute orthopedic injuries such as breaks, sprains, and strains that occurred within the recent 72 hours, without the wait and cost of an emergency room visit.


    Jim Kidd, CEO
    (636) 229-4239
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