• FLOOD WATCH: 370 Lakeside Park Closed

    The City of St. Peters has closed 370 Lakeside Park due to expected flooding. Based on current river forecasts, floodwaters are expected to overtop the agricultural levee on the east side of 370 Lakeside Park later this week.

    370 Lakeside Park will be closed until further notice. City staff is moving portable equipment from the park.

    Drivers should be on the lookout for displaced wildlife crossing Highway 370 and other roadways in this area. Please drive carefully and stay alert.

    A number of other City of St. Peters parks and facilities also are closed today due to flooding:

    • Rabbit Run Park
    • Woodlands Sports Park
    • Sports Center
    • Lone Wolff Park
    • St. Peters Golf Club
    Closures at these City facilities will be evaluated on a daily basis. For flood watch updates, visit the City of St. Peters website online at www.stpetersmo.net and SPTV government channel

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