• A FREE directory for businesses who have reopened

    Are you ready to get back to business? (Yeah, us too.)
    That said, we all know that the key to reopening is being safe and responsible. It is the only way we can earn customers' trust and earn their business. We need to work together to let the public know that local businesses like yours have taken the necessary precautions to protect customers and open safely.
    With that in mind, West Newsmagazine and Mid Rivers Newsmagazine are offering a FREE ONLINE DIRECTORY FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES who have made the decision to re-open. The directory includes your name, address, phone number, a link to your website and a group of icons that represent the steps your business has taken to protect customers. It is completely free and incredibly easy to participate.
    HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: simply CLICK HERE and fill out the survey. It will take you about 3 minutes to complete (and that’s if you type as slowly as I do). The Now Open Directory will run on both westnewsmagazine.com and midriversnewsmagazine.com (and I’ll mention again that it’s free).
    We are going to promote this directory like crazy through our print and digital channels, so I REALLY encourage you to take the 3 minutes and fill out the form. It’s going to help you do more business.
    Ah yes, that famous sales line. In addition to the free online version, we are publishing the directory in both West and Mid Rivers Newsmagazines on June 10 & 24. If you have a 1/8 page or larger display ad booked in those issues, the listing in print is FREE. Otherwise, to be in print, the directory costs $75 per issue/per paper. Let me know either way.
    Throughout this pandemic, there has been a constant refrain that we are in this together. Let’s keep that momentum going, especially as we reopen. A friend of mine used to love to say that a rising tide lifts all boats. That is especially true when we are trying to rebuild public trust in our business community. All of us at West and Mid Rivers wish you and everybody at Greater St. Charles County Chamber good health and good business, and I hope to see you very soon.

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