• Annual Year End Celebration

    Annual Year End Celebration
    Honoring our Citizen of the Years, Lifetime Distinguished Services Awards, and Chamber Champion
    February 24, 2017 at 6:00pm
    Ameristar Casino St. Charles
    Join us for a cocktail hour, hors d'oeuvers, and dinner in the Discovery Ballroom of Ameristar Casino Resort Spa
    $95 per person
    Table of 10 - $950
    (Business / Cocktail attire)
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  • The Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Dr. Bernard J. DuBray has been named our 2016 Citizen of the Years. 

    Currently in his 32nd year as Superintendent for the Fort Zumwalt School District, Dr. DuBray is the longest serving superintendent in the same K-12 school district in the State of Missouri.  He is currently completing 48 years as an educator having served as a teacher, coach, principal, and assistant superintendent.


  • In addition, will also be recognizing our recipients of the Lifetime Distinguished Service awards and our Chamber Champion which include:

    • Civic : Phyllis A. Schneider; Phyllis is involved with the ATHENA Leadership Foundation, an organization founded to support, develop and honor women leaders. The program inspires women to reach their full potential and strives to create balance in leadership worldwide. In the past, she has served as Executive Director for the SCC Foundation and the St. Peters Chamber of Commerce.  Phyllis also served as Director of United Services for Children – West campus (US West).
    • Cultural: Dennis Hahn; a Life Member of the St. Charles County Historical Society, and a member of the Fernando de Leyba Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) since its charter in 1997. He has served as the Chaplain and President of the group.  During his membership in SAR Dennis documented the History of Fort San Carlos, St. Louis, Missouri.  His research and documentation resulted in the placement of Historical markers at Ball Park Village commemorating the Battle of Fort San Carlos and at Daniel Boone Village in Defiance, Missouri.
    • Humanitarian: Bruce Sowatsky; First Executive Director for the Community & Children’s Resource Board (CCRB) in 1999.  Bruce served on the Family Stress Council when the Child Center was founded and brokered the partnership that built Crisis Nursery in Wentzville. He has also served as fundraising chairman and President for the St. Charles Kiwanis Club and Lt. Governor for Division 6 of MO-ARK Kiwanis International region. 
    • Chamber Champion: Patrick Sweeney; His contribution to the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce during the 2016 year is to be commended.  He serves as co-chair for the Ambassadors committee and has volunteered at our annual Sip & Savor St. Charles County and Santa’s North Pole Dash.  Patrick was also instrumental in sponsoring our Speaker Series for James Cunningham of the Food Network/ Cooking Channel and our annual golf tournament.


  • 2016 Year End Video


    Past Award Recipients


  • Citizen of the Years Award Recipients

    1957    Joseph M. Jenkins, M.D.

    1958    J. Ed Travis, Jr.

    1959    Frank B. Rauch

    1960    Paul Blessing

    1962    Agate Weber

    1963    Ed Pundmann, Sr.

    1964    Hugh I. Homes

    1965    Grover Parker

    1966    Thorlet Alderson

    1967    Henry Vogt

    1969    Homer Clevenger

    1970    Ralph J. Borgmeyer

    1971    Charles Hafer, Jr.

    1972    Roland T. Pundmann

    1973    Russell J. Crider, M.D.

    1974    Ted Schoetker

    1975    H.K. Stumberg

    1976    Hon Webster F. Karrenbrock

    1977    James M. Fitz

    1978    Charles W.Boswell

    1979    Henry P. Rauch

    1980    Henry Elmendorf

    1981    Norbert Wapelhorst

    1982    Mary Lou Ahmann

    1983    William O. Mullins

    1984    Jane Crider

    1985    Douglas Boschert

    1986    Ed Pundmann, Jr.

    1987    David C. Baue (Posthumously)

    1988    John Becker

    1989    Larry Kelley

    1990    Theodore Bruere

    1991    Tom Boschert

    1992    Elizabeth Rauch

    1993    Dr. J. Michael Conoyer

    1994    Ernest W. Dempsey

    1995    Ben Blanton

    1996    William H. (Bill) Weber

    1997    Ray Harmon

    1998    Dr. Henry Clever

    1999    Robert G. McKelvey

    2000    Rayford M. Pickett

    2001    Melvin Washington

    2002    Grace Harmon

    2003    Wm. Randolph Weber

    2004    John Deal

    2005    Mel Wetter

    2006    Dan Borgmeyer

    2007    Grace Nichols

    2008    Keith Hazelwood

    2009    James Rau

    2010    Gary Shaw

    2011    Joe Daues

    2012    Jerry Scheidegger

    2013    Lisa Baue

    2014    Lucy Rauch

    2015    Don Boschert, Jr.

    2016    Dr. Bernard DuBray

  • Lifetime Distinguished Service Awards Recipients


    Stephen Balckhurst

    Lester Plackmeyer

    Rev. Frederick Nieder

    Rev. Theopil Stoerker

    Dr. Franc McCluer

    Msjr. A.T. Strauss



    Paul F. Diehr…Humanitarian

    John R. Frank…Cultural

    W. Ernest Hedges….Civic



    Elizabeth Rauch…Humanitarian

    Melvin Washington…Cultural

    Paul Knoblauch… Civic



    Dr. Eugene Canty…Humanitarian

    Dr. Kenneth & Leona Greenlaw…Cultural

    Catherine Pundmann…Civic



    Betty Wertz…Humanitarian

    Charles Schwendeman…Cultural

    Paul Waters… Civic



    Fran Pieper… Humanitarian

    Patt Holt…Cultural

    Tom Boschert…Civic



    Dr. James Spainhower…Humanitarian

    Cordelia Stumberg…Cultural

    J.B. “Brownie” Dawkins…Civic



    Elvera “Babe” Hackman…Humanitarian

    Dr. Robert Fleming…Cultural

    Raymond Harmon…Civic



    Dr. Henry Clever…Humanitarian

    Sterling Zumwalt…Cultural

    Shirley Hutchins…Civic



    Chuck Thorne…Humanitarian

    Dean Eckert…Cultural

    Glen Remington….Civic



    Jim Larkin…Humanitarian

    Marvin Hohman…Cultural

    Leo Bahr…Civic



    Gene Steinhoff…Humanitarian

    Gloria Goellner…Cultural

    John Dengler…Civic



    James L. Schneider…Humanitarian

    Clara E. Scott…Cultural

    J. Robert Meyer…Civic



    Dee Pundmann…Humanitarian

    Glen Bishop…Cultural

    Ried Bronson…Civic



    Thomas A. Cronan… Humanitarian

    Joe Daues…Cultural

    Penny Pitman…Civic



    Dorothy Herzog…Humanitarian

    Kenneth Beckham…Cultural

    Ron Kjar…Civic



    Andrew McColloch…Humanitarian

    Janet Watkins…Cultural

    Judge Grace Nichols…Civic



    Ron Hollis…Humanitarian

    Archie Scott…Cultural

    John Deal…Civic



    Phyllis Sydnor Johnson…Humanitarian

    Dr. Dennis Spellmann…Cultural

    Ann Watkins Hazelwood…Civic



    Fr. Richard J. Tillman…Humanitarian

    Rich Brooks…Cultural

    Jean Maurice Thro…Civic



    Harold Burkemper…Humanitarian

    Warlene Patricia Greer Reed…Cultural

    Gary Shaw…Civic



    Miriam Mahan…Humanitarian

    John Nichols…Cultural

    Herman Elmore…Civic



    Dr. Earl J. Wipfler,Jr., M.D.,...Humanitarian

    Dr. Robert M. Sandfort, Ph.D.,...Cultural

    Keith Hazelwood….Civic



    Mary West…Humanitarian

    Gene Steinhoff…Cultural

    Jill Baue…Civic



    Cathy Glosier…Humanitarian

    Bill Goellner…Cultural

    Don Boschert, Jr.,…Civic



    Richard Sacks…Humanitarian

    Herbert Pundmann…Cultural

    Lisa Baue…Civic



    Anita Hockett…Humanitarian

    Dorothy Boshears…Cultural

    Robert L. (Bob) Scott…Civic



    Jackie Borgmeyer…Humanitarian

    Donna Hafer…Cultural

    Lorna Frahm…Civic



    Mike Ricketts…Humanitarian

    Mimi Jackson…Cultural

    Joe Briscoe…Civic



    Loretta MacCallum…Humanitarian

    Mary Reese…Cultural

    Mike Sommer…Civic



    Denice McKeown…Humanitarian

    Joan Koechig…Cultural

    Keith Schneider…Civic



    James  P. Devereux, Sr.,…Humanitarian

    William (Bill) S. Rupp…Cultural

    Jan Beardsley…Civic



    Tom Kuypers…Humanitarian

    Serena Boschert…Cultural

    Matt Johannesman…Civic



    Merle Schneider…Humanitarian

    Dan Foust, Sr.,…Cultural

    Randy Schilling…Civic



    Bruce Sowatsky…Humanitarian

    Dennis Hahn…Cultural

    Phyllis Schneider…Civic

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